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Jamie Johnson Season 1

Jamie Johnson

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Jamie Johnson is a 12 year old boy who dreams of becoming a famous footballer. It may be the fantasy of most boys that age but Jamie has the talent to make his dreams come true. If only he could control his temper and stop being so distracted by everything else going on in his life. When Jamie's dad vanished off the face of the earth he and his mum were forced to move and now Jamie has to start at a rough new school mid term. He becomes friends with a girl called Jack who shares his passion for football and can also give him a good run for his money in terms of skill. He al Read More ...

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Jamie Johnson Season 1

Episode 1 - Debut
(3 links) 2016-06-13
Episode 2 - Own Goal
(0 links) 2016-05-14
Episode 3 - Decider
(0 links) 2016-06-15