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Highway Patrol Season 4

Highway Patrol

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Take a seat and buckle-up; we’re in for a wild ride with Highway Patrol. Highway Patrol takes a rare fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the working lives of the Australian police officers who spend their days striving to keep our roads safe. From high-speed chases to violent conflicts and catching speeding drivers to investigating crash scenes, officers of the Victoria Police Traffic Units spend each day on the front line. As part of their job, the officers featured in Highway Patrol deal with drunken hooligans, defiant law breakers and simply lazy motorists, and they all Read More ...

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Highway Patrol Season 4

Episode 1 - Stolen Getaway Ca...
(0 links) 2012-10-03
Episode 2 - Doped Driver
(0 links) 2012-10-10
Episode 3 - Asserting My Righ...
(0 links) 2012-10-17
Episode 4 - Ghost Plates
(0 links) 2012-10-24
Episode 5 - SES Rescue
(0 links) 2012-10-31
Episode 6 - Stolen Rental
(0 links) 2012-11-07
Episode 7 - Two Trucks, One C...
(0 links) 2012-11-14
Episode 8 - Sandwich Pursuit
(0 links) 2012-11-21
Episode 9 - Invisible Bike
(0 links) 2013-02-20