Animal Park UK Easter / Season 11

Animal Park UK Easter Season 11

Animal Park UK Easter

Kate Humble and Ben Fogle return to Longleat Safari Park to join the keepers and animals as the park springs into action for another season. The keepers get a shock when three highly endangered cheetah cubs are born, the first in the park’s history. There is also a catch-up with Anne, the rescued circus elephant, and the animal osteopath who is helping to manage her arthritis. Meanwhile, on Penguin Island, a killer disease strikes and hand-reared birds begin to die in the arms of the people who raised them. Can a cure be found before it is too late?

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Animal Park UK Easter Season 11

Episode 1 - Episode 1
(0 links) 2017-04-10
Episode 2 - Episode 2
(0 links) 2017-04-11
Episode 3 - Episode 3
(0 links) 2017-04-12
Episode 4 - Episode 4
(0 links) 2017-04-13
Episode 5 - Episode 5
(0 links) 2017-04-14